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Hunter Laroche arrived on Nantucket Island in the mid 1970s. You can often find Hunter residing in a private villa in hills of Tuscany, the Claridge's Hotel in London, sailing around the Caribbean on one of his friend's beautiful yachts, possibly on an endless beach in southern Mexico; he is often creating a new novel as he is tucked away in his private suite at Little Nell in Aspen.

Hunter, the international man of mystery is frequently traveling to various corners of the world. Everyone is excited to see him arrive and disheartened when he departs. His favorite champagne is Pol Roger, which was also Winston Churchill's favorite choice. He enjoys a great Burgundian white wine, a classic red Bordeaux, the Italian red wine from Masseto, often a very fine California red or white entices his palette and of course, a nice serving Beluga caviar is never far from reach. He also enjoys a good Prosciutto di Parma, along with a nice wedge of Comte cheese.

When you are in Hunter's company, people feel like they are in the midst of royalty. He can often be found bumping elbows with many a famous actor or musician, such as Glenn Frey (rest in peace), Jimmy Buffett, Phil Collins, and Neal Young, John Shea, Eric Dane, Natalie Zea, Dan Aykroyd, and Ben Stiller, just to name a few.

Hunter's first two novels were both received with extremely high marks. His first murder mystery, "Murder on the 'Sconset Express” is more like a love story about Nantucket with a murder twist. His second novel "The The Wauwinet Caper (A Nantucket Murder Mystery)” begins on Nantucket, then travels down to the Exuma Islands and the story finishes off back on Nantucket Island.

Hunter Laroche is an author of two children's books such as "Nola's Nantucket's Adventure and the Silver Coin”, also soon to be released is "Nola's Nantucket Adventure and the New Kitty”. Children's Stories are penned under the name of H. Laroche (on amazon.com). Each one of his books are also available for purchase Nantucket Island by visiting Mitchell's, Bookworks, or the 'Sconset Market.

Personalized autographed books available by contacting Hunter directly.