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Nantucket Murder Mystery
The Wauwinet Caper

This story takes place on Nantucket in the early 1970s, where Mr. Winship Cate, who lives in Wauwinet, is prompted by his children to clean out a lot of clutter from his home after his wife Mary has passed away. This task will take up to a month to complete the way his friends and family have sectioned up the house to attack the different projects. The last of the projects to tackle is above the garage. A large beautiful room with windows showing off the fantastic views in every direction. The door leading into the attic has not been opened in the last twenty years and the room is filled with furniture that was left behind from the previous owners after the sale of the house to Winship in the fifties.

Nantucket Murder Mystery
Murder on the Sconset Express

The story takes place in the 1940s (yes, the author knows the train did not run at that time) on Nantucket, the quintessential idyllic island thirty miles out to sea. When a couple chooses to visit for the very first time, they quickly adapt and fall in love with the tranquil, everyday pace, quaint shops, cobblestone streets, gas streetlights, and new friends. They purchase a summer home in Sconset. Everything is peaceful - until one day when they are entwined in a murder that has ties to their family.

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Children's Stories
penned under the name of H. Laroche

Nola is a little girl who has adventures in Nantucket. The first of her adventures is told in the first story about her silver coin. Nola's story continues in the second book, where her adventures take a new path along with her new furball sidekick.

First Book:

Nola's Nantucket Adventure,
The Silver Coin
(Nola's Nantucket Adventures Book 1)

This is a charming story about a family that vacations every summer on Nantucket with their daughter Nola. Right at the end of their vacation, Nola spots a mysterious silver coin in the surf. She is unable to retrieve it. She cannot think of anything else but that silver coin over the next year until her return family trip to Nantucket. Does she find the mysterious coin?


Second Book:

Nola's Nantucket Adventure and the New Kitty

Nola's adventures continue.